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When it comes to our residents’ safety, we know there is nothing more important than being proactive. The Legacy at Highwoods Preserve combines monitoring protocol with CDC-recommended cleanliness and disinfecting measures, so you can trust that when you’re here, you feel secure knowing you are as safe as possible. COVID-19 has changed many things about our world, but The Legacy still maintains what’s always set us apart: a true dedication to give seniors a fulfilling place to live with connection, purpose, and safety.

Here’s how we’re living out that mission during this time:


UPGRADED DISINFECTANT tailor-made to kill viruses upon contact.

  • It’s the best of the best, or nothing. When it comes to cleanliness and disinfecting, we defend against the tiniest of germs and particles by using the best and safest products.
  • Our specialized disinfecting solution provides a persistent and continuous shield.
  • Unlike many conventional disinfectants, our solution performs while bound to the applied surface and even protects surfaces in between cleanings.

INCREASED MONITORING procedures to keep what we cannot see out of the community.

  • With viruses and germs being invisible to the naked eye, we are on high alert and constantly looking for any signs or potential symptoms that may require team members to stay home and keep what dangers we cannot see out of the community.
  • Our extensive screening process requires team members to check in upon arrival and check out prior to departure.
  • For residents, we have doubled our daily check-ins and implemented surveillance testing, so we are able to take immediate action and intervene before signs or symptoms may occur.


  • As much as we love to show off our smiles, we know the importance of wearing a mask and how that can help prevent the spread of germs.
  • We have dedicated personnel who are strictly focused on continuously acquiring proper PPE for our team and residents’ protection.
  • Not all masks are created equal. That’s why we invested in specific masks that the CDC has recommended as the most effective in limiting the spread of germs.
  • While many germs are spread through the air, we also ensure we have an inventory of gloves, goggles, gowns, and more. So, when the time comes we are always prepared.

TRUSTED TEAM trained to provide the highest quality of care while practicing the most extreme precautionary measures.

  • We have invested in each of our team members to ensure we not only safeguard residents and others, but also are able to not miss a beat when providing the unconditional love and care you or your loved one deserves.
  • When it comes down to it, we are family, and family protects each other.
  • As family, we know you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one is in the safest environment possible while still being able to do the things they love!

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